WARNING ! – Your Dog is in Danger from Artificial Sweetner

Dog Poison

Which Artificial Sweetner is Dangerous?

I can’t express how important it is that you read this article and send a link to it to every dog owner you know.

Even the peanut butter that so many of us use as a treat in Kong toys could be fatal.

So I have written this short article to spread a warning.

The sweatner in question is XYLITOL.

It is found in many low calorie products and has killed a number of dogs. I would hate that to happen to any dog owner and especially you or your friends.

One Lady on Radio 4 told how she had made some small brownies and left them on the kitchen side.

Her Vizsla dog managed to steel two and despite them getting him to the vets as fast as they could he died two days later.

And a Vizsla is a large dog.

What Products Contain Xylitol

Any product that is made with a sugar substitute even if home made.danger

All commercial products given to dogs should be checked. The main offenders are: Sugard Free Chewing Gum, Peanut Butter. Sugarfee Biscuits and Cakes, Mouthwash, Breath Mints and many more.

You wouldn’t believe this but some special dog Toothepaste contains Xylitol.

Symptoms of Xylitol Poisoning

Just about any unusual symptoms should raise suspicion but the most common are Vomiting, rembling, Muscle Weakness, Lethargy or Fits.

Time is vital and any dog suspected of injesting Xylitaol should go to the vets emediately.

Thanks for reading I hope that you will pass this on as even oine pet suffering is too many.

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