Top Lurcher and Greyhound Coats

Why Greyhound and Lurcher Dog Coats are a Must

If you have a Lurcher or  Greyhound then no doubt you will need a couple of Lurcher dog coats.lurcher dog coats

Not just any coats but a summer rain coat and a winter warm coat.

I have found that I can not manage without the two different coats that my Johnson has.

At first I thought that he would not take to wearing any coat, after all I thought it was a bit soft.

My Lurcher,  like most others is covered in hair so he doesn’t need a coat, well at least that was my attitude in the early days.

It was only when I had a long dog of my own, for a while that I noticed two things:

  • He didn’t have much hair underneath, if any at all.
  • He hated cold and even worse he detest rain.

So I had to come round to the idea of taking my Lurcher out in a coat.

As it was winter I got him a warm coat and this was great until the weather got warmer and he made it clear that he did not want it on.

Even in summer it rained and he hated rain. So in the end I bought a lightweight rain coat for him.

In the three years since I bought these they have both seen plenty of use. Such is our UK weather.

With all this in mind I have looked round to find some good Greyhounds and Lurcher dog coats. These are good quality durable coats which wont break the bank.

Summer Rain Coats


If like me you walk your dog every day, without exception, then you will be out in the rain many times.

Even this year which has been a very sunny one so far.

Over the years I have known several greyhounds and even more Lurchers and I never yet found one that liked the rain.

If your dog loves getting wet then you can skip this section otherwise here are some suitable coats to take a look at.

waxed lurcher dog coats quilted lurcher dog coats

Both coats are light weight. The one on the right is a waxed coat whilst on the left is a shaped dog coat.


Warm Lurcher and Greyhound  Coats

The following are quilted and shaped to fit the unique long dog body.

Most of these coats are available in a range of colours and sizes. Please be careful when measuring.

When I bought a coat some years ago I got one that was too big.

I tried to convince myself that he would grow into it but he just looked silly.

Needless to say the coat never got worn. anyway her are a few to look at.

Warm Greyhound dog Coats Winter Lurcher dog Coats Warm Lurcher dog coats


A Novelty Coat

Camouflage Lurcher dog Coats

I just couldn’t resist this one.

As if your pet isn’t hard enough to find in the woods he can go commando.

No that’s not starkers it’s a camouflage coat.

Lots of fun for the family trying to find him or her. A great game when your in a hurry.



I was tempted at this point to introduce jumpers for Lurchers but I may save that till a little later, Christmas perhaps.

I hope that you and your pet can have many walks protected by the right gear.

So happy walking

lurcher behaviour 2

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