How to Save Over 30 % off Your Dog Food Bill

You may already  be aware of what I’m about to tell you but for those who haven’t yet come across this there can be big savings on your Dog Food bill:

30& off dog food

30% Off Dog Food

BIG SAVINGS – that is

When I first got my Lurcher form the dogs trust he came complete with a bag of dog food and when that ran out we carried buying the same make from out local pet store ( the at home).

After a while we were concerned that it was not suiting him and it caused very runny poo.

Not much fun when picking up so we tried several others before settling on the one that we have now.

Big Savings to be had

Every week I would drive down to the pet store and buy two different flavored bags with two kilo’s each and carried them to the car and then up the drive to home.

I was quite happy with this situation until someone mentioned an alternative.

I was talking to a friend when he said have you tried amazon. Now this is going to sound like an advert and I suppose it is. But I just wanted to share this saving with others.

There’s My Dogs Favorite

I expected that they would have some make but probably not the one that I wanted.

Well I was wrong, they had the make that I wanted and in all the flavors.

Now previously I paid £ 55.49 for a large ( 15kg ) bag.

I usually bought two of these and had to carry them to the car and then into the house.

On-line I could get them for £ 37.99 delivered to the door ( I get free delivery from Amazon so you would have to check if there is a charge).

That’s a saving of over 30%.

Now I haven’t checked other brands but I have left links so that you can do this if interested.

I get a Small Commission

At this point I must come clean if you use the links on this page and buy from Amazon we get a small payment.

This helps us to provide this website and it’s research free of charge.

So I would ask that if you are buying your dog food you could consider using our links each time as we would really appreciate your support.

It won’t cost you a penny more.

Lots of Brands Available

There a many brands and food types here are links to some of the most popular. If  your dogs favorite is not in the list please try this link to dog food to search for the on that you want.

Her is a selection of popular brands:

Arkwrights Dog Food

bakers Dog Food

Eukanuba Dog Food

Harringtons Dog Food

James Wellbeloved Dog Food

Pedigree Dog Food

Skinners Dog Food

Wagg Dog Food


I can not guarantee prices or that savings will be the same for all brands but I would recommend that you look into it. Save money and delivery to the door – what could be better?


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