Red Allert – Alabama Foot Rot is a Threat to all UK Dogs

No apologies for the dramatic title.

Alabama Foot Rot is a disease which all too often results in the death of the dog.

Formally known as CRGV it is an infection that has been spreading over the last few years.

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This shows the distibution of cases in the UK.


  1. Lesions or Ulcers especially on legs
  2. Lesions may appeear as patches of red skin or sores where no injury has occured.
  3. Sore areas can also be found in dogs mouth, face and lower body.
  4. Later symptoms include Tiredness, loss of appetite or vomiting as the kidneys begin to break down.

Credit – Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialist

I don’t know a bout you but this scares the hell out of me.

Not a lot is know about how it’s spread but the transmission is via mud picked up on country walks.

It is more likely to thrive in warn damp weather and as it has hardly stopped raining. for weeks, in the UK we are a danger area. in addition the we have a forecast for possibly the wetest Spring on record for 2018.

So what can you do to protect your dog?

  1. Clean all mud off paws as soon as you get back from a walk
  2. Ensure taht you know and can spot the early signs
  3. Check you dog, especially legs and paws for sores.
  4. Take emediate action get into your vet emediately

What can you do to help other dog owners?

Firstly you can help to let them know either by telling them, sending them a link to this article or  sharing the article on the Facebook page ( ) .

It is vital that all dog owners are aware of this if we are to halt the spread and keep our pets safe.

If you wish to donate to research you can do so via this link


There have been 22 cases in the last 2 months in addition to the 37 who lost their lives to this infection in 2017.

This was double the figures for 2016.

With over 90% of cases proving to be fatal, recognition and early action is vital.

However there is no cure that is better than prevention.

I have now incorporated the leg and foot wash plus inspection to hte end of my daily walking routine.

I hope that you will never have a pet that suffers from Alabama foot rot but if you do fast action will make all the difference.

Please let me know, in the comments, if you have had experience of this infection.


Happy Dog walking

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