Meet Johnson – He’s my Lurcher

Scrappy becomes Johnson

How on earth we ended up with Johnson is still a bit of a mystery.


My wife and I had decided to go to the local Dogs Trust, or “the Pound” as I flippantly refer to it, to look for a dog to adopt.

We had considered another Greyhound or Lurcher but thought that due to our age and the possibility of downsizing in the future we would not have room for one.

We had come to know a small wire haired terrier type of dog, called Spud, that was owned by a neighbour of  my auntie who lives in Cornwall.

I searched the dogs in the local rescue centre and there was a little terrier, just the job.

We sat one of the tables looking at the details for Murphy as this little feller was called and could hear the people on the next table talking about adopting the dog of their dreams.

You’ve guessed it, they were adopting Murphy.

We decided to come back another time. After all they would get more of the same, surely.

To make the best use of our visit and because we love looking at the dogs we went for a tour of the lads and lassies looking for lifetime homes.

Someone Caught our Eye

We didn’t get very far before wee saw a lurcher, to be fair we had managed to get past several greyhounds and various other breeds.

a bored lurcher

Scrappy looking Bored

He was gorgeous.

My wife immediately fell for him “get him for me, now quick, h’es the one”.

All the logic about size and downsizing was gone. “OK, lets take him for a walk and then see what you think”.

this is where he played his winning card.

As soon as we got to the front door of the centre he jumped up and put both front paws on my wife’s shoulders and liked her face.

She was captivated.

The guy from the trust, having no doubt practiced this line many times before said

” it looks like he’s chosen you” what a great closing line.

Scrappy’s Name Change

The papers were all signed up and under the close inspection of my wife the RESERVED sign went up on the front of his accommodation.

After an examination of our living quarters by the man from the Trust we were approved and a date and time sorted for us to collect him.

We decided that Scrappy, is in Scrappy doo from Scooby doo, was a great name for a pup but it would not suite him as he got older.

My youngest son came up with the name and it stuck.

I won’t go into why Johnson but any readers from the States might be able to suss it out.

Would the Lurchers mum and Dad please wait behind

Lurcher Trouble

Johnson – Free Again

There were quite a lot of other adopters at the handover talk and it was very interesting.

When it came to an end the behaviour expert giving us the talk asked “where are the people taking the Lurcher“?

We confessed and were asked to stay behind.

It was a bit like being naughty at school although that’s a very distant memory for me.

What followed was a talk on the joys and the trials and tribulations of owning a six month old, totally untrained, Lurcher.

It sounded like fun.

And boy was it !


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