How to Keep your Dog Cool in Summer


With hot weather here, we take a look at the problems that our dogs suffer due to overheating and look at some really “cool” cures. So if you want to know how to keep your dog cool read on.

The number one way to keep your dog cool

Sadly we her of dogs that are left to roast in un-ventilated cars.

Cool Dog in Cornwall

Johnson in Cornwall

In fact every year a number of pets die due to heat exhaustion when left in cars.

So don’t leave them in cars – simple.

I’m sure that neither you or I would do that but we can do a few things to make our dogs a bit more comfortable during the summer.

Wherever they are, at home, or going on holiday in the car you can get a “Cool Mat”

It’s simple really the clue is in the name it ‘s a mat that stays cool and helps your best friend to do the same.

So here’s the one that I found to be the best for the price.

Scruffs Cool Mat

This great mat comes in two sizes extra large 120 x 75  and Large at 90 x 70

The mat is filled with gel which absorbs the heat from the dog for up to one hour.Dog cool mat

You then simply leave it somewhere away from the dog for an hour and the mat recharges.

I must confess that I have hurried mine up by wrapping ice packs in it but this is not an official recommendation.

The gel is non-toxic so even if your dog chews at it it wont poison it. Although this is to be discouraged.

The self cooling mat will be 5 to 10 degrees cooler than your dog.  Not freezing but pleasingly cool.

Don’t Forget a Drink

With all the running around that the average lurcher does a drink is always dog water bottle

On more than one occasion I’ve been giving my dog a drink form this water bottle when thirsty joggers have run past with their tongues hanging out.

It’s so easy to use you simply turn it upside down and squeeze. The water goes into the fold down drinking vessel.

No need for a separate bowl. I make a habit of taking this with me on every walk that me and Johnson go on in the summer. It’s also great for car journeys.

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