A Great Lurcher and Long Dog Food at a Great Price

As soon as I discovered this product I couldn’t wait to share it with you but I had to trial it first so that I could share my findings and those of my Lurcher Johnson.

I still can;t believe that I had not heard of this specialist dog food before but, I can now put that right.

Before I start can I just say that there are no commissions or payments of any kind, made to me, for featuring this product. I just wanted to let you know about Connolly’s Red Mills Products. and hope that you will benefit as much as Johnson and I have.



I have have a reader to thank for pointing me in the direction of a truly great food and at an unbeatable price, what could be better?

I was emailed by a reader of Your Lurcher, Nick Hyatt- Steel.

He was keen to tell me about a dog food which his twelve year old Lurcher, a Saluki / Greyhound cross had been eating since it was 8 months old.

In this time he assured me that his dog had flourished on the food and what’s more his Lurcher loved it.

So I talked it over with my Lurcher Johnson ( he wants to add that his name has nothing to do with Boris Johnson) and we decided to trial it and write up our findings.

What did we think of Tracker

The bag of Tracker had only just come through the door when Johnson showed a great interest in it. That’s him,in the picture, trying his first sample.

Previously I fed Johnson on a leading make of dried dog food with a little meat or gravy added but the cost of this has gone up recently and it was a welcome surprise to discover that a 15Kg bag of Tracker was under £ 17.00

Yes Under £17.00. That’s much less than half of what I used to pay. Thanks Nick for telling me about this, I owe you one!

Johnson Commences the Trial

As you can see Johnson took to it straight away and still looks forward to Tracker at every meal.

His stomach can be a bit sensitive and so I was wary of changing his diet.

In the past changes to his diet have resulted in some catastrophic consequences.

Like many Lurchers Johnson can clear the Royal Albert Hall with just one fart ( sorry one trump) and though he exercises in the countryside there isn’t enough space to accommodate him when he gets the runs.

So you will be pleased to know that right from the outset his stomach was fine which was just as well because my wife threatened to leave home if I caused him to trump in the house.

It has now been two months since we started our “trial” and he still loves his Tracker food. I am happy because I know having looked at the contents and the technical info on Connolly’s web site I am  sure that he is getting the best nourishment tailored to his needs.

The cash I’m saving is a bonus as I would have paid much more for a food of this quality. Don’t tell the manufacturers that I said this  or they may put the price up.


Specialised Food with Three Different Preparations

The food called tracker is a dried preparation but unlike many general dog foods it is specially prepared and formulated for  Greyhounds, Lurchers and Long dogs. It contains everything that they need and is the result of years of preparation and experience of feeding these types of dogs.

In fact the producers Connolly’s  Red Mills have been supplying food for dogs and horses for over 100 years, not a bad pedigree ( get it – Pedigree). To get a short brochure click here.

There are three types of food:

  • Tracker  – the best choice for most of us, intended for for resting racers or family pets.
  • Racer Plus – High performance food for racers and stud dogs.
  • Xcel – For pregnant bitches and growing pups

Johnson and I have tried Tracker as this is the one recommended by Connolly’s for Lurcher and all other long dogs/sight hounds.

Where can you get tracker?


To find out more visit their site where you will find all the information that you could possibly want including a list of stockists which you can search to find one near you.

There are also several online suppliers for those who prefer that service.

If you are an Amazon Fan Click here to view Tracker 15Kg Bag On AMAZON

Visit Red Mills Supplier Locator

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