Dog Bowls – Top Nine Types – Reviewed

There are many different types of dog bowl to suit all dogs, owners and circumstances.Dog Bowls

I didn’t relise how many until I started to prepare this guide. If you want a unique type of dog bowl or just a bog standard one, then you will find it here.

With such a varied selection I have divided them into the following types:

Ordinary Dog Bowls – Single or double

Raised Dog Bowls

Variable Height Bowls

Chip Controlled Bowls

Slow feeder Bowls

Personlised bowls

Gravity Fed bowls

Heavy – won’t move bowls

Timed dry food dispensers

Yes I was shocked at how many solutions there are to solving the simple task of feeding your dog.

So to start with the first type

Ordinary Dog Bowls

I am begining to wonder if anything in the dog bowl world is ordinary but I have to start somewhere.

These come in two types, single and double. You fill them with food and your dog eats it.

What could be more simple?


Raised Dog Bowls

If your dog is lke my Lurcher he would have to bend a long way to eat from a bowl on the floor.

Not impossible but how would you like to pick up each mouthful of food and lift it up above your head to swallow it.

It’s even worse when you have to drink water this way -so a raised bowl is the answer.

The wooden ones really are smart.

Variable Height Dog Bowls

If you have pets are of varying sizes and you want to use one bowl for all of them, then a variable height bowl comes in handy.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find one high enough for Great Danes.

Chip Controlled Bowls

Now we are going high tek. Ther are now bowls available that will read the chip identity of a dog or cat when it sticks it’s head over the bowl to eat.

Ths type of bowl is really only suitable for small dogs or cats.

It’s a great way to leave food out and prevent all the neighbourhood pets from eating at your expense.

I thought that this may be difficult to set up but this is not the case. You simply press a button at the back and get your pet to feed from the bowl. As soon as it does then the bowl memorises the chip identity and will omly open for that animal.

You can reprogram the code at any time by simply repeating the process.


Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

I’m glad to say that my lurcher, johnson, no longer gulps down his grub, but when I first got him it was a different story.

Like so many rescue dogs, and indeed dogs in general, he would gulp down his food at a frightening speed.

I found that the most effective way to slow him down was to use one of these bowls.

They generaly have a series of raised fins in the bottom which forced the dog to take smaller amounts and to chase them around the bottom of the bowl.

I found that once johnson was accustomed to this he then began to eat more slowly even in an ordinary bowl.


Personalised Bowls

This is one for the owner and of no benfit to the dog at all.

You can get your dogs name and even a picture on the bowl.

What more can I say?

Nothing much.


Gravity Fed Dog Bowls

These benefit both the owner and the dog. You can load them up with dried food and let your dog take what it wants, when it wants.

This is OK for dogs with self control but useless for those on a diet.

If you want to control the amount then take a look at the “ timed Dry food dispensers“.



Heavy won’t Move Bowls

Thes are great if you want to combine feeding the dog with a good work-out.

No, not really, but they are quite useful if your dog tends to push his bowl round the house.

This is especially true if he usually manages to tip it upside down, leaving you to clean up the mess.

Note – the red bowl is the heaviest.

Timed Food Dispensers

Another bit of Tek creeping into dog feeding.

As you would imagine this dog bowl only opens at a preset time.

They will often hold and time three days worth of food, thus preventing overeating whilst you are away.

My wife has just surgested that I should be fed using one of these. The cheek of it.



What ever problem you are having with your dogs eating arrangements there is a bowl to help you.

That is unless your dog won’t eat at all.

in that case you should consult a Vet.

I hope that this look at Dog Bowls is helpful and that it may have introduced you to some new ideas.


Happy dog feeding!

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