Classy Christmas Gifts for Lurcher Owners

When I say “Classy” I am referring to quality presents, not tat. These are presents  that any Lurcher owner or Lurcher lover would be proud to give or delighted to receive.

My mum ( bless her) had a large ginger cat for many years.

Whilst it was still young someone gave her a pot cat and that was the start of it.

Over the years she was given dozens of pot cats, some of them tasteful but most of them were cheap junk.

So I will be sharing with you my little list of beautiful good quality gifts and definitely ” no tat”.

I have broken them down into the following categories: Art, sculptures xxxxxxxxx

Lurcher Art Presents

The above framed pictures are all under £ 20 click the image to find out more or view a full list of lurcher art

Lurcher Sculpture Presents

There are some absolutely great sculptures of lurchers and greyhounds with prices for solid bronze limited editions going up into the hundreds of pounds.

They can be enjoyed in the home or out in the garden but I would make sure no one can take them.

If that’s a bit above your range I have chosen a few that vary in price from the beauty on the left  ( 76cm tall)  at £ 245 to “Walkees” on the left at  £ 34.99 . The lower cost statues are in resin but they are still of a very high quality and would delight any long dog lover.


Lurcher Ornaments

One of these fantastic ornaments is probably the safest bet ( no tat here).

The three shown are left to right: Pup Snow dome £ 9.98 then center is a splendid real Bronze pup ” Leo” at £ 127.12 and on the right racing greyhounds in cold cast bronze patina Effect, they look as good as the real thing for just £39.99.

To see the full range of ornaments please click here lurcher ornaments

Happy Christmas to you and your lurcher

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