Best Lurcher and Greyhound Muzzle

Before I start my search for the best lurcher or greyhound muzzle I ave a few things I would like to say about Muzzles in general.

Although I know only too well that muzzles can be necessary I don’t like to see a Lurcher or Greyhound dog muzzled.Joke lurcher or greyhound muzzle

It somehow takes away the natural freedom that is so much a part of these beautiful dogs.

However needs must.

I couldn’t resist the one pictured to the right. I only wish that I had the guts to take my dog out wearing one but I suspect that Johnson (my Lurcher) would not see the funny side of it.

In fact his pride may be slightly damaged though it would be great for Halloween..

I do own a muzzle but rarely need to use it. Only when other peoples small fury pets may be around does the muzzle comes out.

Johnson has never attacked anything, other than a pigeon, but you can’t be too careful.

So why would any one want to  place their beautiful lurcher in one of these?

The Five main Reasons for Muzzles on Lurchers

OK so I don’t like muzzles but there are reasons why they should be worn. These include:

  • To prevent your dog biting another dog or person if he has an aggressive tendency.
  • To prevent her from chasing and harming small pets when out, including cats.
  • To safeguard small animals that may stray into your garden when the dog on your property.
  • To stop her picking up or eating things when out for walks (Johnson could get chewing gum off the pavement in seconds).
  • To stop your dog damaging furniture
  • Can be used to stop barking

As dog owners we all know our animals, but we can still get caught out. Mrs May ( who I mentioned in other articles) told me about one of her adopted ex-racing greyhounds that was always given the run of the back garden.

The fencing was “dog proof” and so she had no fears that the dog could escape and cause injury to anything.

This was fine until one day when she let the dog out of the backdoor and into the garden.

You guessed it. Next doors cat had climbed over the fence and was using the lawn as a toilet.

Before anyone could react the dog had the cat in a single bound. The cat was flung high into the air and caught on the way down.

Mrs May managed to get her cat  off the dog but the poor pussy was already badly injured.

It was immediately rushed to the nearest vets where everything possible was done for it. All paid for by Mrs May.

Unfortunately it passed away during the night.

No amount of apology could make things right between the cat owner and the dog owner.

Of course in this case no one would expect the dog to be muzzled in it’s own, secure, garden but it was an incident never forgotten.

Know your Pet

Some dogs, and as far s I know my Johnson is one of them, would never harm anything but once even the most loving of dogs locks it’s radar onto potential prey then it becomes a different animal.

I am lucky, where I live I can walk my dog on a lead until we come to long track and some field where he can be let off.

If you are not so lucky or are in the habit of walking your dog off the lead then perhaps a muzzle would be a good idea.

No one would want to have to tell their neighbor that their once beautiful fluffy moggy now resembles something from the butchers. I know I wouldn’t.

Plus it needn’t be so bad – there are lots of comfortable muzzles to chose from

Types of Lurcher or Greyhound Muzzle

Here I’ve picked one of each type although you can no doubt find lots of others i think these are good reliable examples.


Cage Type

Cage type – available in plastic or metal. Plastic is safer and of these the wire lurcher or greyhound muzzle

Dom Pare range are great value for money.

The one on the right is a Dom Pare Greyhound racing muzzle suitable for all Lurchers and long-nosed dogs.

It is important to follow the instruction when fitting any muzzle especially the cage type to avoid damage to nose and eyes should the dog collide with a solid object.


Leather or  Nylon Muzzle

This type of muzzle is a little less fearsome in appearance but does the job well.soft lurcher or greyhound muzzle

Make sure that it will fasten to the dogs collar as this prevents the animal from pulling it off.

As with all muzzles it is important to get the right size and so all the ones shown have measuring and fitting instructions on the sales page. So please make sure before you buy.

This muzzle can be put on in seconds so that if you normally walk  your pet on the lead and want to just let him off for a few minutes it’s quick and simple.

It’s far better than having to tell someone that your dog has injured their pet.

After thought

If your Lurcher is anything like mine then chasing and catching a ball is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Unfortunately I have never found a Lurcher or Greyhound muzzle that will allow this game to be enjoyed. It is for this reason that our ball games are played in an enclosed garden, in a field, or on track where there are no domestic pets wondering about.

My final thought is that even if concern for other peoples pets does not move you I’ll bet that their Vet bills would.

After all muzzles are one of the cheapest things you will ever buy for your dog.

So have fun.


The muzzles shown in the articles are:




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