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Before I Start my best GPS dog tracker review I would like to tell you about my experience of losing my beloved Lurcher Johnson.

When first I first got my Lurcher, Johnson, unfortunately I had never heard of a Tractive dog tracker or any other type of dog tracker. Then after I had owned him for just a few days, we lost him.

Tractive Dog Tracker

Johnson Wearning his Tractive Tracker

We were walking along a trail that has now become our regular daily haunt, but then it was still new to us.

When I got half way along the track I let him off the lead and away he ran.

Along the track, up a banking at the side and away into the distance.

I called and called but nothing happened so I set of in the direction that he had taken.

I walked for nearly a mile calling his name every few feet. Eventually I came to the far end of the track which consisted of a gate onto the road.

This was beginning to get worrying. I hoped that if he got this far he would have turned round so I started back along the track in the direction of the place where i had released him.

By the time I got back to the exact spot where we had parted my voice was getting weak.

Then I heard a real commotion, dogs barking, people calling and a general chaos. Tht’ll be him I thought and set of in the direction of the fuss.

Sure enough, there he was bounding at some poor ladies dog that didn’t look as thuogh it wanted to play at all.

I duly grabbed him, put him on the lead and appologised to the lady who, actually, seamed quite unperturbed about it all.

She’d probably had dogs for longer than I had.

It was a few minutes after this that the idea of a dog tracking device came into my mind.

As we all know all dogs run off and get lost from time to time but with Greyhoungs and Lurchers it’s a lifetime occupation.

I did indeed get a tracking device, I still use it today and it’s the best value item I think I ever bought.

You can even attach it to your partner if you wish, but don’t get caught.

Best Dog Tracker Review

Dog Tracker street \Map

Tractive Street Map

The Tracive dog tracker is a small GPS device that clips onto your dogs collar and works with an App on your mobile phone.

Once the tracker is turned on you can go to the phone app and see where you are and where your dog is. This will be shown on a street plan or a google earth view.

If you know where the street is you head for it. If you are away from built up areas this is not a problem.

On the indicator that represents you and your phone (a circle with an arrow) the arrow shows the direction that you are going in. All you do is point that towards the image of a dog, which you can personalise with your dogs picture, and keep walking in that direction.

Ring Fence an area.

In addition you can  draw an area on the map iether a circle ( just specify a radius ) or a rectangle say your garden. If the dog steps outside this area the phone will send you a message sound the alarm.

Why a Tractive dog Tracker

Tractive dog tracker google display

Google Earth Display

I will be doing a review of several other trackers in the near future but I’ve chosen this one as a good reliable, low cost and effective device at just £ 44.99 recomended price.

Whilst talking about price it’s as well to point out that there is an on going service charge. This is for the phone card that comunicates the dogs possition and is essential with all but one, more expensive, unit.

Keep a Record of where you’ve Been

You can keap a record of the walks that you have done and look back to see if you are increasing your exercise.

this feature can help you to see where your dog is spending his time and, if you’re with him, the amount of dog walking that you are doing.


Dog tracker whiteWell as I said at the begining I chose this tracker because it’s low cost and does everything that you want from a simple tracker.

For under £40 you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that no matter what you dog gets up to you can find him in no time at all, even in the dark.

So it just remains for me to list the pros and cons and give my personal recomendation of the tracker.



  • Low cost of the Tracker
  • Dogfinding plus walk trackin features.
  • Square or circular ring fencing.
  • Lowest on going cost of service (fron £3.00 per month, Paid annually in advance.
  • Flashing Light at night
  • Two clips to attach to the dogs collar allows for different thicknesses.
  • Three colours to chose from. White, Black, Green/Brown camouflage.


  • Plastic Clip – This bothered me a little at first but it has withstood all that a highly boistrous Lurcher could throw at it and continues to work perfectly.

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