About Us

 The Best for your Lurcher and You

Welcome Lurcher lovers.

If, like me, you are always looking for information, presents, or equipment for your pet then you may well be getting tired of “surfing” the web.

It is for exactly this reason that I decided to start a web site to bring together the best resources for site hound owners.

As the owner of a fantastic ( I would say that) brindle Lurcher I wanted to share some of the great things that can help you and your best friend get even more fun from your relationship, including:

  • Equipment – Coats, Collars, Training aids, etc, many with full reviews
  • Behaviour, Health & training articles
  • Lurcher Ornaments for you or presents for your friends
  • Books – Lurcher book reviews
  • Your Photo’s – Pages for you pet pictures

You’ll probably understand already why yourlurcher.com is a must for you to book mark.

We hope to save you hours of searching and also entertain along the way. Lets face it if you can’t get a laugh with a lurcher there’s something wrong.

Who is YourLurcher.com for?

My Lurcher

My Lad Johnson – Stressed out again

Simply it is a community for Lurcher owners, Lurcher lovers and their friends.

It is a one stop home for Ideas, Products, News, Information and sharing stories and pictures of the boy or girl i your life.

I hope that you will find the site helpful and entertaining and that you will share it with like-minded friends.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you enjoy your lurcher as much as I enjoy mine.




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